Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Father's Day Giveaway (UAE only)

Hello Dubai Moms,

Are we gearing up for Father's Day yet? 
It's in less than a week, on June 16.

I have a small surprise for my UAE readers :)

It's really not extraordinary but it is a small gesture that could help some of you find that extra special surprise for Father's Day.

How about treating your hubby to a nice dinner, be it after celebrating at home with the kids or any time between now and December?

I am giving away five winners a voucher for a renowned fine dining restaurant in Dubai.

To be eligible to enter the draw, let us know why the dad in your life (your hubby, daddy, brother, son) is the most perfect father you know. There are no best answers. All complete entries will be accepted in the draw but we would love to read inspiring, touching and loving stories of course!

To enter the competition
  • Post your "Favorite Dad" story in a comment under this blog post including your full name and email address or share your "Favorite Dad" story on our Facebook page (link here).
  • Only one entry per family will be accepted
  • A draw will take place on June 15, 2013 to select the winners 
  • The winners will be announced on Facebook

Terms and Conditions
  • This competition ends on June 14, 2013 at midnight Dubai/UAE Local Time.
  • A draw will identify the winners. There can only be five winner. The name of the winners will be posted on our Facebook page.
  • Missing entries and entries from contestants who fail to complete all the instructions above in totality will be disqualified. 
  • Each winner will be offered a single voucher.
  • This voucher is transferrable. Feel free to gift it on to whoever you please but only the winner can collect the voucher. The winner shall get in touch with Rouba.Blogs or this site in order to set an appointment for the voucher collection. The winner shall arrange transportation to collect the voucher.
  • This voucher is redeemable as per the conditions stated on the voucher
  • This voucher is not partially redeemable and must be redeemed in full, for its total amount once only. 
  • If purchase exceeds available voucher balance, you must make up difference with another payment method.  
  • This voucher is redeemable in Dubai only.
  • This voucher is non-refundable
  • This voucher is not exchangeable for cash
  • Rouba.Blogs and this site reserves the right to select the voucher of their choice. The winners cannot exchange their vouchers for different ones.
  • This voucher is valid for the period specified on the voucher. Credit and validity extensions will not be given for unutilized and unclaimed vouchers. 
  • Rouba.Blogs and this site reserves the right to change any terms contained in the Terms of Use at any time
  • Rouba.Blogs and this site are not responsible for the services offered by the voucher's company/restaurant. 
  • Rouba.Blogs and this site are not accountable and liable for any and all consequences connected with the use/misuse of this voucher.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

SanSational Motor City

The other day, a friend and I were looking up places for lunch near home and I remembered SanSation at Green Community in Motor City.

I had been meaning to visit that restaurant since its opening and could not find the time so this was the perfect opportunity.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the friendliest staff and smiles all around. Shortly after, the owners themselves visited our table and helped us pick their best dishes. Or at least what they know to be definite winners with all customers. We ended up ordering the rocca salad and burgers in brown bread buns.

While we waited for our food, they invited us to visit the kitchen. Just like that. We dropped by unannounced and they insisted on sharing their vision and hard work, without prior notice. They were confident we would be impressed with cleanliness, organization and quality. And they were not mistaken.

Firstly, it is an open kitchen so customers on the floor can actually see what is happening inside at all times. That alone is always a plus to me because it means the staff will most definitely be giving their best. And when they do not, well, that is it.

When we first stepped in the kitchen, we were promptly handed hair nets. Not the most glamorous look, I will give you that but definitely a winner when assessing hygiene. And that was only the beginning.

We were led to the "receiving" area where food deliveries are dropped and stored. That must have been the cleanest space ever! With different sinks for each foods (veggies, meat, etc.) every step is taken to insure no food will be contaminated.

A separate sink for staff to wash their hands is available in that space and in the cooking area.

It must be noted all sinks are knee-operated which means no hands will ever touch handles, soap dispensers or anything else for that matter.

Only paper towels are used and disposed of immediately which means you will never see a dirty or contaminated towel anywhere.

The cooking space was equally impressive with a spotless grill and staff using separate areas and sinks to wash, cut and prepare food. Disinfecting sprays always at hand to keep that kitchen immaculate at all times.

And finally the owners could not have been prouder when showing off the ingredients they use: only the best quality.

I have to admit, if I am to take my children to eat out, I would definitely have them enjoy SanSation, completely guilt-free!

And they could go crazy (and give us a breather) in the outdoors kids play area near the terrace where people can lounge, relax and enjoy shisha (I am no smoker but I know many will appreciate that) overlooking the Green Community's gorgeous lake.

It might also be useful to mention SanSation offers wi-fi connection and a business set-up for those looking to get some work done over lunch or dinner.

Hygiene, ingredients quality, staff's professionalism and customer service are all important but ultimately, it is the food that counts, right?

Well it was simply delicious! They were right in advising us to try the burger as "first-timers". They rock. The salad was also very good and we even tasted the home-made sorbet!
(Please forgive the low-quality photos, they were taken on my phone)

I am definitely visiting SanSation again to give their steaks a try. They tell me I will not regret it and so far, they have not disappointed once. Maybe one evening for a dinner by the lake? We will see and in the meantime, I can always give them a call. And you should too! ;)

SanSation Home Delivery:
+971 4 4567693
+971 4 4567371

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