Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mia's new gadgets ...

Actually, Mamma Mia's new gadgets!

Me: Who's there? 
Behind the door: Delivery from Boho Bebe. 
Me: Yeeeeees!

So, we just received our order from Boho Bebe and we couldn't be happier! And it got me thinking, I haven't checked in here for a while and now would be a good time to babble a little about our new purchases.

Let's start with Boho Bebe then:

I love deliveries! They feel like Christmas in Spring.

And it kind of works like Christmas too: Place an order via email (so easy, absolutely no hassle) and pay upon delivery.

We got ourselves a super practical Snoozeshade. As the name indicates, it provides shade while baby snoozes. I haven't tried it yet but I'm hoping it will improve Mia's napping while we're out and about. Obviously made of breathable fabric, this blackout provides darkness on the baby's side, as well as UV protection when outdoors. There's a very cute zipper in the middle which allows the parents to check on baby any time or even give a bottle in private (I know some appreciate that).

The second buy from Boho Bebe: the Sockons. Again, the name is a clear indication of this item's purpose. It keeps the socks on. Parents are often caught in ridiculous situations in public places, running after their child's shoe or sock. Yes, all kids like to get rid of their footwear while cruising in their strollers. Then it's either one of the parents who has to retrace back their route and find (maybe) the missing item, or just forget about the whole thing, which is usually why babies end up having a zillion pairs of socks and shoes which are no longer pairs! The Sockons come in different colors but also in cute snickers designs. So we'll be trying those very soon. I'm hoping Boho Bebe will get the other colors and patterns which are not yet available in Dubai.

Mia who turned 6 months two days ago is now allowed to use her WalkingWings safely. Well, in this case, unlike the name indicates, these are not actual wings (obviously) but it's still a nice image to describe the straps that support the baby's body while learning to walk. They are available at Spinneys in Motor City where I got them, and I'm assuming at all Spinneys branches in Dubai. We just started using them and I have to say they are quite practical for the parent. Soon, as Mia grows bigger, I won't have to lean as much, as the straps will go all the way up so both Mia and I can stand straight. That should do wonders for my back pain.

At Spinneys  (Motor City) I also found The Wean Machine which is such an easy item to carry around and create fresh meals, on the spot, anywhere, anytime. I tried it but it's still early for Mia to use because it does not create a creamy paste like the Avent Blender we have. Right now, I'm still a little worried Mia might swallow some chunks of food by mistake so the blender is the safer option (plus, while we're on the topic, this particular Avent Blender also steams the food before blending it which minimizes dish washing). However, in a few weeks, I can definitely see the advantages of the The Wean Machine.

Another item, crucial to all kinds of feedings: the bib. But with solid foods, some kinds of stains will just stick on fabric forever, and we've almost ruined the nicest bibs in our highly fashionable closet! So we got ourselves some nice plastic bibs: Crisis Averted! Tommee Tippee has a nice BPA Free range (featured in pink below) which I also found at Spinneys  (Motor City). They look a bit hard but they're actually quite soft on the neck. The softer ones I found are also by Tommee Tippee and also BPA Free (featured in blue below). I did not see any at Spinneys  (Motor City) but I got them from Bumble Bee at the Dubai Mall.

Other interesting purchases include the Baby Snug by Mamas and Papas. As you may recall, some time ago I expressed the need to hunt for the perfect high chair as Mia started on solid foods. Well I did, and I discovered Mamas and Papas have something even better! It's not high. But it's so much better. It's a light, so easy to carry around seat which has a colored cushion that can be removed when baby grows bigger, so the seat will fit the child accordingly, and a tray. It can be placed anywhere! I tried it on the dining table, on the couch, on the floor. It's just perfect for feedings. I simply place Mia wherever I am most comfortable and she will be too. The fact that I can pull the Baby Snug away or closer depending on my position and level of comfort makes it ideal. This one, I've tried many times and I love! Mia loves it too. Sometimes she just sits in it and plays with the toys on her tray.

So that's it for now (and that's quite enough!)

I have a hungry baby waiting for me!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sharing is Caring ...

Because Mia is a sweetheart and she understands that "Sharing is Caring", the other day she decided to divide her lunch with the couch, my neck, my arms, her legs, her right eye and each and every one of her ten little fingers! 

I think I urgently need to invest in a high chair because eating on my lap is no longer an option! Although I'm not sure it would be any easier, unless I find a way to tie her hands behind her back without being jailed for child abuse!

No worries, I'm only kidding: there will be absolutely no tying up of any kind.

Hubby and I will be hunting for the perfect high chair soon (whenever he finishes work earlier than 11pm... Yes. That's right.)

In the meantime, we'll keep using whatever means we have to make things work.

So, solid foods, you did not win this war just yet. Challenge accepted!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The adventures of Mia the Traveler

In a few days, Mia and I will be flying back to Dubai. It will be our first trip alone and I have to admit I am a little bit worried. It is true that so far, Mia's traveling record is a confusing 50-50. 

Indeed, the very first time she flew from Beirut to Dubai, she was only two months old and slept throughout the whole trip. Everything went so smoothly at the duty free too and we had absolutely no issue at the airport. It actually turned me into an overconfident (and proud) mom who believed her daughter was a regular little Ibn Battuta

And then we decided to spend Easter in Lebanon which quickly prompted Mia's second trip, only two months later. Well, let's just say Gulliver's misadventures are nothing compared to this experience! 

Thank God my baby brother who's not so much a baby anymore but more like the most responsible and loving uncle a niece could ask for, accompanied us. Because honestly, I don't know what I would have done without him; with the handbag, Mia's stuff, carrying Mia, feeding and changing her, rocking her, giving her colics medication and so much more!  

Basically, from the moment we entered the duty free to the moment we landed in Beirut, Mia did not stop not only crying, but mostly screaming for even one second! She broke our hearts! It was obvious she was in so much pain and unable to sleep or even rest despite the medication. She was so inconsolable I literally cried when we got home.

We were so worried and overwhelmed we forgot our camera in the plane! Honestly, with all the things one needs to carry by hand when traveling with an infant, let alone with a screaming infant; forgetting something seems almost a requirement. Thankfully, Emirates Airlines are highly professional and reliable and we promptly retrieved the camera the next day from their offices at Beirut Airport.

In any case, we are scheduled to return back home this week. And let's just say I am not really looking forward to the whole "traveling experience" especially that this time, Mia and I are on our own. She's a month (or so) older, much more aware of her surroundings and people; hence much more frightenable. 

It will be challenging. That is to be expected.

But my previous experience has taught me a few lessons; the most important being: LAYERS. This will be my main strategy.

Last time, Dubai airport was kind of cold and it seems her colics started there. It is only when she moved from mere discomfort to actual pain that I decided to give her medication. It was a bit too late and it was obvious, Gripe Water, legs exercises and massages were not enough to control her pains anymore.

Unfortunately things went from bad to worse when we boarded. The minute we got in the plane, a horrible smell hit our nostrils so hard we almost fainted. We inquired about the matter with the cabin crew and they said they were going to raise the air conditioner's thermostat to get rid of the smell. Not a very smart move. We were all freezing and all the children on the flight were screaming their lungs out. 

Mia was wearing a pajama and was wrapped in her blanket. That obviously was not enough so I asked for an extra blanket from the crew. No improvement.

Hence the new strategy/resolution.

Since the temperature in Dubai promises to be burning hot upon our arrival, I cannot overdress Mia. And since both airports, and in-flight temperatures will most certainly be borderline Alaskan, I cannot under-dress Mia. So the plan is, dress appropriately for Dubai's weather and add a layer for Beirut's. Then upon arrival at the airport, add a layer, two if necessary. And add a third layer upon boarding as the "weather" in airplane cabins is always wintry. 

Also, I will watch carefully for any sign of discomfort and immediately remedy to them should they occur. This time, I'm not waiting until they're so unbearable and painful they become unmanageable even with medication.

Hopefully, this will be enough to keep Mia from suffering and shift the balance in our favor to get closer to an almost perfect "Travel Record"  :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Everythings!

Since this year, everything is a first, Mia's getting the royal treatment.

You now know she's had her cutie little footprint engraved on a silver heart.
But that was not all she got personalized. 

For her first Easter, she also received custom hand-made wooden boxes designed by one of my most talented friends: Dyala Khodary. And as if this was not royal enough,  these boxes were filled with the tastiest Easter eggs home-made with love and the most delicious chocolate you'll ever find: Chocolat Fée by Dyala's choxpert twin sister, Hala Khodary. A killer combo!

Hand-made boxes with a collage of Mia's baby photos

Hand-made boxes with a collage of Mia's baby photos and the date
Check out those chocolate eggs! Yum!!
Hand-made Easter boxes with حقاً قام (He Has Risen) on the cover

Hand-made Easter boxes with حقاً قام (He Has Risen) on the cover

Hand-made Easter boxes with حقاً قام (He Has Risen) on the cover
and ميا  (Mia) on the side

Hand-made Easter boxes with حقاً قام (He Has Risen) on the cover
and ميا  (Mia) on the side

I strongly advise anyone and everyone to order now; but beware, it's addictive! Don't say I didn't warn you! :)

To place your orders, call or email
+ 9 6 1 . 1 . 3 6 6 8 3 4
+ 9 6 1 . 3 . 4 2 8 9 1 7

You'll lick your fingers.... and don't worry about thanking me later but if you insist, don't bother writing; just send a box of Chocolat Fée my way and we'll be even! ;)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mia's walking all over us!

I swear, this girl knows no boundaries!
I'm just kidding!
She's sweetest pie of all!!

But she did leave her footprint in unusual places... 

Apart from the fact that she loves to "walk" all over us, namely on our face when she is lying in bed next to us; her footprint is now forever on my mom's neck. Well not really forever, but I doubt grand'ma is in any hurry to get rid of it.

Since Mia was born, hubby and I had been looking for the perfect gift to thank my mom for all she's been through with us during my two miscarriages, my very difficult pregnancy with Mia, and finally after I gave birth. 

She took care of me all that time, and then, as if that was not enough, she took care of both Mia and me. 

She still does.

So we wanted something personal, something that would come "from Mia" and something that would last.

Hubby and I first agreed that a custom-made piece of jewelry would be perfect. But what design? What would say "I love you grand'ma"? 

Then on Mother's Day, the idea came right to my inbox on its own: I got a mail with an ad for SmallPrint, a really cool and fun concept that allows parents and loved ones to create personalized silver jewelry from their children's hand/foot prints or artwork. 

I called the Abu Dhabi number mentioned there and they redirected me to their representative in Dubai:


She suggested I check their designs online and as I browsed their website, I realized they also have representation in Lebanon:

Lebanon brochure


Since we were heading to Beirut, I decided to deal with Hanan, the very sweet representative of SmallPrint in Lebanon. That way my mom could choose herself the pendant and print of her preference. 

Absolutely no hassle for us: Hanan came to our home and took Mia's foot print on April 20, 2011.

And here's how Mia managed to walk all over her grand'ma; thanks to Hanan who kindly home delivered (truly absolutely no hassle at all) our little piece of art only 9 days later, on April 29:

Needless to say my mom is not taking it off... ever!

Interesting bonus: you get to keep the mold and use it the next time you want to create another piece.