Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mia's new gadgets ...

Actually, Mamma Mia's new gadgets!

Me: Who's there? 
Behind the door: Delivery from Boho Bebe. 
Me: Yeeeeees!

So, we just received our order from Boho Bebe and we couldn't be happier! And it got me thinking, I haven't checked in here for a while and now would be a good time to babble a little about our new purchases.

Let's start with Boho Bebe then:

I love deliveries! They feel like Christmas in Spring.

And it kind of works like Christmas too: Place an order via email (so easy, absolutely no hassle) and pay upon delivery.

We got ourselves a super practical Snoozeshade. As the name indicates, it provides shade while baby snoozes. I haven't tried it yet but I'm hoping it will improve Mia's napping while we're out and about. Obviously made of breathable fabric, this blackout provides darkness on the baby's side, as well as UV protection when outdoors. There's a very cute zipper in the middle which allows the parents to check on baby any time or even give a bottle in private (I know some appreciate that).

The second buy from Boho Bebe: the Sockons. Again, the name is a clear indication of this item's purpose. It keeps the socks on. Parents are often caught in ridiculous situations in public places, running after their child's shoe or sock. Yes, all kids like to get rid of their footwear while cruising in their strollers. Then it's either one of the parents who has to retrace back their route and find (maybe) the missing item, or just forget about the whole thing, which is usually why babies end up having a zillion pairs of socks and shoes which are no longer pairs! The Sockons come in different colors but also in cute snickers designs. So we'll be trying those very soon. I'm hoping Boho Bebe will get the other colors and patterns which are not yet available in Dubai.

Mia who turned 6 months two days ago is now allowed to use her WalkingWings safely. Well, in this case, unlike the name indicates, these are not actual wings (obviously) but it's still a nice image to describe the straps that support the baby's body while learning to walk. They are available at Spinneys in Motor City where I got them, and I'm assuming at all Spinneys branches in Dubai. We just started using them and I have to say they are quite practical for the parent. Soon, as Mia grows bigger, I won't have to lean as much, as the straps will go all the way up so both Mia and I can stand straight. That should do wonders for my back pain.

At Spinneys  (Motor City) I also found The Wean Machine which is such an easy item to carry around and create fresh meals, on the spot, anywhere, anytime. I tried it but it's still early for Mia to use because it does not create a creamy paste like the Avent Blender we have. Right now, I'm still a little worried Mia might swallow some chunks of food by mistake so the blender is the safer option (plus, while we're on the topic, this particular Avent Blender also steams the food before blending it which minimizes dish washing). However, in a few weeks, I can definitely see the advantages of the The Wean Machine.

Another item, crucial to all kinds of feedings: the bib. But with solid foods, some kinds of stains will just stick on fabric forever, and we've almost ruined the nicest bibs in our highly fashionable closet! So we got ourselves some nice plastic bibs: Crisis Averted! Tommee Tippee has a nice BPA Free range (featured in pink below) which I also found at Spinneys  (Motor City). They look a bit hard but they're actually quite soft on the neck. The softer ones I found are also by Tommee Tippee and also BPA Free (featured in blue below). I did not see any at Spinneys  (Motor City) but I got them from Bumble Bee at the Dubai Mall.

Other interesting purchases include the Baby Snug by Mamas and Papas. As you may recall, some time ago I expressed the need to hunt for the perfect high chair as Mia started on solid foods. Well I did, and I discovered Mamas and Papas have something even better! It's not high. But it's so much better. It's a light, so easy to carry around seat which has a colored cushion that can be removed when baby grows bigger, so the seat will fit the child accordingly, and a tray. It can be placed anywhere! I tried it on the dining table, on the couch, on the floor. It's just perfect for feedings. I simply place Mia wherever I am most comfortable and she will be too. The fact that I can pull the Baby Snug away or closer depending on my position and level of comfort makes it ideal. This one, I've tried many times and I love! Mia loves it too. Sometimes she just sits in it and plays with the toys on her tray.

So that's it for now (and that's quite enough!)

I have a hungry baby waiting for me!

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