Monday, June 6, 2011

Chouette alors!

When grand-mothers take charge, it can only lead to one thing: absolute and unconditional love.
So when a grand-ma decides to share that love with everyone; well it can only be fantastic:

Turning into a grand-ma made téta Violette all excited about her new grand-motherly duties and she suddenly started creating hand-made clothes for Mia months before she was born... From baby's vests to cute tops, all the way to all the hats Mia could wear! 

Needless to say, these items were a complete fashion success and when friends and relatives started asking us where they could find similar gifts for their loved ones, our fabulous téta took charge and decided all babies deserved the best clothing there is, all made with love of course! 

Now you too can order your own gorgeous hat or fancy top by selecting the design and colors of your choice and téta will make it herself, just for you! With love ♥ of course!

It's all here at Drôle de Chouette...  

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