Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rot those teeth! (Part 3)

Last night, we celebrated Mia's 7-month birthday. Yes, it's that time of the month already. And I was inspired by the number 7. Not in a Pitt-Spacey kind of way, thank God! No it was more like a Care Bears thing. I was sitting on my couch, just thinking of Mia and the number seven, and "Rainbow" immediately came to mind. Because of its seven colors, obviously. And as I was about the speak the word out loud, I remembered the Care Bears who sort of lived on a rainbow (or something like that) and one of them in particular who had a rainbow on his belly: Cheer Bear. How totally appropriate for a birthday! 

And since I wasn't about to dress Mia in a bear suit which would be insane and borderline murderous in this weather (I'm crazy mamma, yes, but not *that* crazy); I decided to have her wear a Rainbow. What? I'm not *that* sane either!

So I contacted Ruby Tutus on Facebook and placed an order based on the inspired theme above. Rock star theme, might I add. And indeed the result was absolutely fantastic! See for yourself:

Mia's 7-month Tutu is a unique creation by Ruby Tutus

Corrine is the über-sweet mumtrepreneur behind this lovely idea. The concept is simple: anyone can go online, browse through the albums and order any of the featured tutus or request an entirely unique design which is what we did. All the tutus are hand-made by Corrine herself who goes the extra mile (literally) and delivers them by hand. Which was perfect because we got to meet in person and chat a little.

Mia's tutu is made of 7 colors, just like the rainbow on her cake.
Oh yes, there's a cake. With a  rainbow on top (hence the title of this article, duh).

As I was about the order a beautiful cake by our usual home-made pastry chef, Hubby challenged me: "I bet you would do great with those 3D things. After all you love arts and crafts and playing with clay. You're just too lazy, aren't you?"

Challenge accepted! (stupid pride)

So I decided to bake a cake myself.

The request I had initially prepared for our chef was simple: A rainbow cake with an actual 3D rainbow on top of it, and a cute Cheer Bear sitting somewhere and lots and lots of mini marshmallows all around to make the clouds.

I had Googled everything so I could give an accurate description of what I wanted and in the process I discovered that there are two types of rainbow cakes: the one with the clear colors as layers, and the one with  all the colors mixed together:



I had the first kind in mind as it looked like a real rainbow and found out that to make this cake, each layer must be baked independently and then, arranged together into one unified shape. 

So I got all my ingredients in place, including the crucial food coloring which was also going to be necessary when creating the fondant. And I started searching for some Care Bears toys because I wasn't confident about my fondant sculpting skills just yet. 

This will sound redundant really, especially after the infamous Wheat Quest, but I looked everywhere, in vain! I went to Spinneys (Motor City), Carrefour (Mall of the Emirates), Early Learning Center (Motor City) and Baby Shop (Mall of the Emirates)... Nothing. 

Since this wasn't a real necessity, I settled for My Little Poney and a couple of dolls. With the Care Bears in mind, I got a Bear-shaped pan from Spinneys and instead of saving it for another occasion, I decided to try everything now. The purpose being to get as much practice as possible before Mia's one-year (real) birthday.

It turned out to be a ... Hmmm... Let's say a very special cake, which and I'm quoting my sister here, "stings the eyes". I could almost hear her scream in pain through her email as her little pupils burnt with disgust. 

OK, it was not *that* bad but it definitely was not what I had in mind. 

And it nevertheless had one impressive quality: it carried everything I fiercely shoved in it without breaking apart!

Also, I should probably mentioned I did not go for the rainbow cake anymore as the guests who usually attend our fun gathering could not make it that time and we ended up being only two couples. Oh, and the two beautiful babies too. (God I almost forgot there was a 7-months old reason for me to do all this mess!) 

So I settled for a regular orange cake with chocolate ganache; with a top floor chocolate cake with  strawberry ganache. I stuck that rainbow right in the middle and the toys at the top. And of course, I added all my mini marshmallows to create the clouds all around the rainbow.

It did indeed sting the eyes:

Don't ask me what that freaky Zombie-bear (as my friend called it) is doing in the back; I don't know. And don't ask me why I put so many marshmallows on the rainbow; I don't know. And don't ask me why, oh why all these dolls; I don't know!

But what I do know is that the orange cake was yummy. I personally liked it :)Oh and yes, I did use some of my orange food coloring in it just to give it more, Hmmmm.... Panache? ;) 
(as if this masterpiece needed even more colors!! LOL)

If you're wondering where that pink doll went, Mia's BFF Giana took it as a souvenir, which makes this view a little bit kinder on the eye, especially with the big Zombie-bear out of sight ;)

Oh, and if you're interested (thank God, I refrained for this particular cake, it certainly did not need any additions!) here's how you can learn to create a rose with fondant.
This is mostly for you Cynthia ;)

In conclusion, kindly note that there will be a Rot those teeth! (Part 4) because we still have the Snayniyeh to complete.

Rot those teeth!

       Mamma Mia

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