Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rot those teeth! (Part 2)

Sad update: Hubby couldn't find any wheat. Well that's not really accurate. Kindly allow me to rephrase: Hubby couldn't bother to "look for wheat in between business meetings at a (big) oil corporation in the middle of the desert". On the other hand, he was kind enough to offer some Polyethylene, Ethylene and Propylene. Or some whatever's that sound like that. I couldn't remember the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements back in high school. I'm not about to start learning weird names now!

Well, as interesting and über-scientific as all this may sound, I'm still wheat-less. So I think I'll improvise something else. The purpose being to celebrate those first teeth before a wisdom tooth shows up! Since I already have all the candy, decorations and containers ready, all I need is to put things together in a nice arrangement, and we'll be set.

As for Mia's Snayniyeh, well my mom had already done her share in Lebanon and she's planning to make some more when we reach Beirut; the tradition being to distribute to family, friends and neighbors so they can share the joy.

So we'll survive this adventure with our heads held high :)

And we'll get to rot our teeth tonight in all cases. That's the plan every 29th and today's no exception. We've got some major cakeing going on so watch this space for awesome photos to be posted after the celebration.

Rot those teeth! (Part 3), here we come! ;)

Rot those teeth!

      Mamma Mia

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