Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The results are in!


Let me start by thanking everyone who participated! YOU GUYS ROCK! ;)

As promised, there was a draw today. To make it easy, I numbered all the comments in the order they were posted and displayed by Facebook.

I took carambar candies and numbered them. In order to keep it fair, I chose only one color of wrapping: yellow. There is a total of 10 comments. The first entry being mine, I did not include "1" in the draw. So as you will see, each carambar has been numbered from "2" to "10". Then I randomly threw the candies on Mia's bed and waited for her to hand me one. If you're curious to know, Mia is my baby daughter. She is one and half and obviously cannot read or count yet so she cannot know what she is picking, making her the ideal person to complete the draw. So to her, it was just a bunch of identical carambars. I chose them all from the same flavor so that they have the same wrapping color to make sure one color did not attract her more than another and keep the draw fair. And I kept asking her to hand me one, until she finally did.That one carambar decides who the winner is :)Just so you know how everything went, the video is not edited. It is not cut. It starts with all the carambars on the table so you can see them and their numbering. Then I pick them up in front of the camera and bring them to Mia and wait for the one she picks. 

One shot. One carambar. One winner ;)


Mamma Mia

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Red Carpet Papa: Avant-Premiere

Red carpets. Glam. Glitter. Hollywood. 'Tis the season for all the beautiful people to make us dream and wish we were walking in their Loubs

Now we may not be able to star next to Brad and Georgie in the upcoming Ocean's because, and that's the only reason why, Soderbergh decided to end it otherwise, we'd be sitting at script reading right now; however, we can still shine in our very own production! Who needs Soderbergh anyway, am I right?

I am right and here's why.

Mumtrepreneur Deema Mokayed who happens to be one of the coolest friends I met back in college, has moved on from her work in TV to launch her very own production joint in Beirut, Lebanon a few years ago.

Photo: OneEleven

She's come up with a wonderful concept that offers anyone the opportunity to star in their very own film. Deema will put on screen any story you like and for any occasion.

Watch Video Here

And since Father's Day is approaching in Lebanon (June 21st) how about creating a unique gift this year? Children can make a film or record songs in the studio and why not, turn them into a CD which would be perfect for daddy to loop in his car, every day on his way to work.

Photo: OneEleven

In a nutshell OneEleven can personalize any audio/video to make your celebrations extra special so why don't you visit OneEleven's website now or drop a line on Facebook?

And share your productions with us, we'd love to get a glimpse of your creative side! ;)

And don't forget our partner, McBears Parties is giving away 500 dirhams worth of goodies so check our contest and send us your entries now! The voucher is valid for 12 months and transferable, so you can gift it to anyone you'd like ;)

Mamma Mia

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

*CONTEST INSIDE* Bear-ty Time!

Our partner for the next two weeks, McBears Parties is offering you the chance to win 500 Dirhams worth of goodies! 

If "Partying like a Bear" didn't mean anything before, it does now ;)

All you have to do is tell us your most embarrassing moment at a party. It's all in good fun and you can be the lucky winner of an amazing Party Package worth 500 Dirhams!

Scroll down for instructions, terms and conditions ;)

Who is Mama Bear? 
After spending six years in the event management and PR industry I had to take a break from work due to the birth of my twins. After a while I found I could do something extra with the time on hand besides looking after my children. And that is how the seed of McBears sprouted.

Sheryl Carneiro, the brains and heart behind McBears Parties
Photo: McBears Parties

What led you to this concept?
Basically, I found myself wasting after the birth of my twin boys. I decided I would put my time to best use, and after the initial hesitation, I went ahead with the McBears. The name originates from my two twin boys, My Bears. A major part of the credit goes to friends and family who have supported me during this period. People have given me ideas and I have ventured forward and tried things out with a lot of success. And of course, there is Someone above who guides me.

When did you launch and where in the Emirates do you operate?
McBears is hardly two months young. I operate in Dubai. It was like a seed that was sprouting within myself and finally it took me that one final push to go ahead and make it a reality. Since the launch I have been really busy. Lot of potential for a good job!

Introduce McBears and the products and services you offer.
We offer party decoration with ballons, theme decorations, complete with table set-up, gifts, banners, face painting, party host, etc. We also provide party favors for special occasions and kids fancy dress costumes.

Party decorations, costumes and more
Photos: McBears Parties
Image Credit: R. Abouzeid

How does McBears operate? 
Most of my operation is via social media forums like Facebook and Twitter. Clients can always contact me on my phone as well. A major part of my clientele is obtained by word of mouth as the hallmark of my operation is the best of service. I make a promise, I keep the promise: nothing in-between.

In one word, if you were: 

A color?  Mauve
A shape? Circle
A song or music composition? Coward of the County
A film? The Ten Commandments
A book or literary piece? Books by James Joyce and poems and works of PB Shelley
A famous character (real or fictional)? Pooh

Image: R. Abouzeid


To enter the draw,
  • LIKE us on Facebook!  
  • LIKE McBears Parties on Facebook
  • Tell us about the most embarrassing moment you had a party by posting your story under our note on Facebook
  • A draw will take place on June 26, 2012 to select a winner 
  • The winner will be announced on this space!

Terms and Conditions

  • This competition will run for 14 days following the date/time of this blog post.
  • A draw will identify the winner. There can only be one winner. The name of the winner will be posted on our Facebook page.
  • Missing entries and entries from contestants who fail to complete all the instructions above in totality will be disqualified. 
  • The winner will be offered a 500 UAE Dirham voucher.
  • This voucher is transferrable. If you are the owner of this voucher, kindly email Mc Bears with the name and contact information of this voucher's recipient and inform them of the following terms and conditions. 
  • This voucher is redeemable at Mc Bears for a Party Package only and includes party decorations, balloons and table set-up for a total worth of 500 AED. Products are subjects to availability. 
  • This voucher is not partially redeemable and must be redeemed in full, for its total amount once only. 
  • If purchase exceeds available voucher balance, you must make up difference with another payment method. You are liable for all transactions on your voucher except to extent to which there has been fraud or negligence by Mc Bears or any of Mc Bears employees. 
  • This voucher is redeemable in the UAE only. All inclusive for Dubai residents. Residents of other emirates must arrange for transportation of the goods.
  • This voucher is non-refundable
  • This voucher is not exchangeable for cash
  • This voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Credit and validity extensions will not be given for unutilized and unclaimed vouchers. 
  • This voucher is a sample copy. Kindly call or email Mc Bears to set an appointment, book a date for your party, select the products of your preference (products are subject to availability) and redeem your voucher. 
  • Mc Bears reserve the right to change any terms contained in the Terms of Use at any time. Kindly contact Mc Bears for more information. 
  • Rouba.Blogs and this site are not responsible for booking or selling any and all Mc Bears products. 
  • Rouba.Blogs and this site are not accountable and liable for any and all consequences connected with the use/misuse of this voucher.

Mamma Mia

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Mercy... Et Merci

I could not write this story before because all I needed was to forget. 

We all face the same issues. We brag about how good we are when we succeed but then we try to hide those times when we fail like it is some kind of taboo to make mistakes. Like it makes us bad parents. But I feel it is important for parents and human beings in general to share difficult situations and failures as it makes other parents feel more "normal". Less judged. And hopefully less judgemental. Because no matter what we do and how hard we try, we are all going to make mistakes eventually. 

This one I almost made yesterday could have cost me my sanity, and probably my life. But thankfully I was well surrounded and got the immediate help I needed. And I am so grateful. But I still can not shake the guilt off. And it will take me a while to put this behind me, if I ever can.

Yesterday I was having a blast playing with Jad. He loves to play now. He is at this age when he constantly calls people to come to him and just (baby)talk. And maybe it is because he is my son and my love but I just find him irresistible. So I oblige (we all do). Only problem is, when he gets too happy and excited, he gets the hiccups. Not the cute kind. His and Mia's are unbelievably viscious. They last forever and the tiniest hic feels like an earthquake. Of course, it usually happens after feedings which makes it impossible for us to convince them to have a sip, not even a drop of whatever we are prepared to offer. And we are usually prepared to give anything, provided they agree to drink. But it is a fact: a full baby will not drink a thing. Then I remember I had not given him his vitamins and decide it could be a good time as it would hopefully help put an end to his hiccups fest. So I fill the medicine dropper and place it in the corner of his mouth and just squeeze a little. He looks at me differently and I know he just got a taste. Then he smiles the biggest of smiles. So I figure, he swallowed. He gives me a little "gheu" and I reply. And suddenly he turns red and he coughs. But not really. He tries to cough but it feels like he can not. He looks at me and all I can see is fear in his eyes. I see his eyes stare at mine, begging for me to help. To do something. So I grab him by the armpits and raise him out of his chair (thank God I always remember to unbuckle him when I feed him something). Nothing. He still tries to cough but it just will not come out! And he turns purple. Darker and darker. All the time his little eyes just staring in mine, begging. Begging for help. And I am fucking useless. So I scream for my mom to come and she and my dad run and grab him. They raise him all the while tapping his back and massaging his forehead. Still nothing. He just can not catch a breath. In the seconds that follow and which seem to last an eternity, all I can see are his little eyes, staring. Begging. Then finally, he cries. The fear is still there though, comfortably lingering in his eyes and it stays there for a while even after he is OK. 

A fear I could not destroy. I simply let Jad down. I simply failed him.

I do not know how long it took. But I know I died a little. 

Now every time I remember, all I can see are his eyes. His stare. Begging for help. And all I can do is cry. Because now, it has passed. Now, there is nothing (useful or not) to be done. 

I do not know if things would have been the same had I been alone at home. Maybe my mommy-survival-instincts would have been sharper. More efficient. One can only hope. In the meantime, I am grateful I was well surrounded and thank God Jad is fine. 

How fragile. How small. How helpless. 
I just pray God Has mercy on my children and all children.

It will take me a few more nights to be able to sleep normally.

Mamma Mia

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