Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The results are in!


Let me start by thanking everyone who participated! YOU GUYS ROCK! ;)

As promised, there was a draw today. To make it easy, I numbered all the comments in the order they were posted and displayed by Facebook.

I took carambar candies and numbered them. In order to keep it fair, I chose only one color of wrapping: yellow. There is a total of 10 comments. The first entry being mine, I did not include "1" in the draw. So as you will see, each carambar has been numbered from "2" to "10". Then I randomly threw the candies on Mia's bed and waited for her to hand me one. If you're curious to know, Mia is my baby daughter. She is one and half and obviously cannot read or count yet so she cannot know what she is picking, making her the ideal person to complete the draw. So to her, it was just a bunch of identical carambars. I chose them all from the same flavor so that they have the same wrapping color to make sure one color did not attract her more than another and keep the draw fair. And I kept asking her to hand me one, until she finally did.That one carambar decides who the winner is :)Just so you know how everything went, the video is not edited. It is not cut. It starts with all the carambars on the table so you can see them and their numbering. Then I pick them up in front of the camera and bring them to Mia and wait for the one she picks. 

One shot. One carambar. One winner ;)


Mamma Mia

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