Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Red Carpet Papa: Avant-Premiere

Red carpets. Glam. Glitter. Hollywood. 'Tis the season for all the beautiful people to make us dream and wish we were walking in their Loubs

Now we may not be able to star next to Brad and Georgie in the upcoming Ocean's because, and that's the only reason why, Soderbergh decided to end it otherwise, we'd be sitting at script reading right now; however, we can still shine in our very own production! Who needs Soderbergh anyway, am I right?

I am right and here's why.

Mumtrepreneur Deema Mokayed who happens to be one of the coolest friends I met back in college, has moved on from her work in TV to launch her very own production joint in Beirut, Lebanon a few years ago.

Photo: OneEleven

She's come up with a wonderful concept that offers anyone the opportunity to star in their very own film. Deema will put on screen any story you like and for any occasion.

Watch Video Here

And since Father's Day is approaching in Lebanon (June 21st) how about creating a unique gift this year? Children can make a film or record songs in the studio and why not, turn them into a CD which would be perfect for daddy to loop in his car, every day on his way to work.

Photo: OneEleven

In a nutshell OneEleven can personalize any audio/video to make your celebrations extra special so why don't you visit OneEleven's website now or drop a line on Facebook?

And share your productions with us, we'd love to get a glimpse of your creative side! ;)

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