Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mia's walking all over us!

I swear, this girl knows no boundaries!
I'm just kidding!
She's sweetest pie of all!!

But she did leave her footprint in unusual places... 

Apart from the fact that she loves to "walk" all over us, namely on our face when she is lying in bed next to us; her footprint is now forever on my mom's neck. Well not really forever, but I doubt grand'ma is in any hurry to get rid of it.

Since Mia was born, hubby and I had been looking for the perfect gift to thank my mom for all she's been through with us during my two miscarriages, my very difficult pregnancy with Mia, and finally after I gave birth. 

She took care of me all that time, and then, as if that was not enough, she took care of both Mia and me. 

She still does.

So we wanted something personal, something that would come "from Mia" and something that would last.

Hubby and I first agreed that a custom-made piece of jewelry would be perfect. But what design? What would say "I love you grand'ma"? 

Then on Mother's Day, the idea came right to my inbox on its own: I got a mail with an ad for SmallPrint, a really cool and fun concept that allows parents and loved ones to create personalized silver jewelry from their children's hand/foot prints or artwork. 

I called the Abu Dhabi number mentioned there and they redirected me to their representative in Dubai:


She suggested I check their designs online and as I browsed their website, I realized they also have representation in Lebanon:

Lebanon brochure


Since we were heading to Beirut, I decided to deal with Hanan, the very sweet representative of SmallPrint in Lebanon. That way my mom could choose herself the pendant and print of her preference. 

Absolutely no hassle for us: Hanan came to our home and took Mia's foot print on April 20, 2011.

And here's how Mia managed to walk all over her grand'ma; thanks to Hanan who kindly home delivered (truly absolutely no hassle at all) our little piece of art only 9 days later, on April 29:

Needless to say my mom is not taking it off... ever!

Interesting bonus: you get to keep the mold and use it the next time you want to create another piece.

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