Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sharing is Caring ...

Because Mia is a sweetheart and she understands that "Sharing is Caring", the other day she decided to divide her lunch with the couch, my neck, my arms, her legs, her right eye and each and every one of her ten little fingers! 

I think I urgently need to invest in a high chair because eating on my lap is no longer an option! Although I'm not sure it would be any easier, unless I find a way to tie her hands behind her back without being jailed for child abuse!

No worries, I'm only kidding: there will be absolutely no tying up of any kind.

Hubby and I will be hunting for the perfect high chair soon (whenever he finishes work earlier than 11pm... Yes. That's right.)

In the meantime, we'll keep using whatever means we have to make things work.

So, solid foods, you did not win this war just yet. Challenge accepted!

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