Saturday, March 30, 2013

Salon in (my) Salon

I haven't been here for a while and I apologize. Since I'm sure you're as tired as I am to hear about the same excuses over and over again, I'll refrain from mentioning the kids as being a major factor in this and I'll just quickly update you: we had to leave Dubai for a couple of months and so here I am, in Beirut again.

And since I've now become addicted to at-home beauty services as I had previously blogged in Dubai (here and here) I thought I'd give it a shot in Lebanon too.

First, I got a quick fix: eyebrows (nobody wants bushes on their face)! I religiously do them at Steeve's a hairdresser's salon in Hamra because the technician there, Nahed, has magical hands! I never leave upset. And trust me, with eyebrows, one tiny mistake can lead to a great deal of upsetting. Nahed simply hears when clients speak and she understands what "not too thin" actually means. If you're around Hamra (near Bristol Hotel in particular), book an appointment and try for yourself: +961.70.348787.

Map to Steeve's Salon
Then I asked around for some "work" at home and got introduced to Jihane, a lovely Syrian national who trained in Beirut for years before returning back home and opening her own salon, only to be forced to come back and freelance in Lebanon again  for obvious reasons. A beauty parlor isn't really the hottest of destinations in war-torn Damascus right now.

Jihane lives in Beirut, near Sanayeh Park and she is very flexible. She will go to any location, even outside of Ras Beirut if needed. Her working hours are 8am-8pm every day, including Sundays. A hard working mom indeed, dedicated and willing to go the extra mile.

She came to my home for waxing, and it was as comfortable as it gets in your own living-room. She is not messy and her work is clean which is important at home (you do not want to end up with sticky couches) and she is fairly quick. We were done within minutes!

Her services are listed hereafter and you can book her any time by calling +961.76.871284.

Full Body: 60,000 LL
Full Arms: 20,000 LL
Half Arms: 10,000 LL
Full Legs: 10,000 LL
Half Legs: 10,000 LL
Underarms: 8,000 LL


Full Body: 20 US Dollars
Face: 20,000 LL

MANICURE: 10 US Dollars

Brushing: 10,000 LL
Roots Coloring: 30,000 LL
Full Coloring: 40,000 LL


Jihane has a range of products she uses for all of the above services but she can also use your own if you prefer.

If you decide to book, tell her Oum Halim sent you, she'll pamper you extra ;)  


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