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Hello Baby!

Both times I gave birth in Lebanon, I was gifted a Welcome Baby Box with samples and informative booklets. This box was always waiting for me at my last doctor's appointment but I know the company also makes drop offs at the hospitals.

My used and overused Baby Box!
Photos: R. Abouzeid

I discovered inside a lovely set of lotions and creams for both stretchmarked-breastfeeding-mommy and newborn-baby but also everything else from shampoo, perfume, diapers, wipes to the first bottle and pacifier! Naturally all sponsored by companies that are keen for new moms to try their products and adopt them for a long while, years even. A perfect way to reach your niche market don't you think?

So I was a little disappointed to find out Dubai, the motherland of promotional gurus in the Gulf had not started this sort of campaigns yet.

Because what do we love more than freebies?
Freebies we actually need!

And as much as I hate being inundated with useless products I know I will never use, this box was the complete opposite surprise. It served as a checklist, as products testing, as support with useful information and learning tools and even as fun (I got my very first Baby's First Year Photo Album in this box)!

So when I heard a smart mumtrepreneur was launching one in Dubai, I could not keep it to myself! I knew I had to share the news with all of you :)

So ladies, meet Marhababy!

And cherry on top of the cake? They just launched a campaign on social media inviting all moms, dads, children, friends, anyone really, to participate in their "Motherhood Competition"!

How awesome is that?

It's very simple, just submit a photo that represents "Motherhood" in your eyes through the "Photo Contest App" on Facebook or hashtag ‪#‎marhababy‬ on Twitter and Instagram and invite your friends to vote for you. It doesn't get any easier than that :)

Source: Marhababy

So allow me to introduce you to Eveline Sleeboom, the brain and heart behind Marhababy.

The young mumtrepreneur holds a degree in Psychology and a Master's in International Relations from Groningen University in The Netherlands. Her impressive background in Business Banking, Corporate Finance and Business Development has allowed her to act as an advisor to several startups since she moved to Dubai back in 2011.

But it is the recent arrival of baby Berend five months ago that inspired her to start a brand new chapter in her professional life as well: Marhababy.

How did you come up with Marhababy, when and why? 
When I just found out that I was pregnant I had a strong need for information about my pregnancy and baby in Dubai, from hospitals to baby clothing to ways to spend my maternity leave time etc. Becoming a mother is beautifully overwhelming. (smiles) I thought it would be great to get the chance to try products, to get some discounts, to get the much-needed information etc. without all the hassle to find and invent everything myself. Being pregnant in itself can be heavy enough. I heard about successful concepts in other countries and decided to start something similar here in the UAE.

How did you come up with the name? 
I thought it would be nice to say Hello, or Welcome Baby in English and Arabic. This evolved in Marhaba Baby and later into the portmanteau word 'Marhababy' after discovering that the Arabic word 'Marha' in itself means something like 'nice' or fun. Many positive things in one name!

How do you distribute your boxes and what are your fees? 
People will be able to pick up the box at several retail locations or choose for home delivery. The boxes themselves are 100% free for mothers, no strings attached. Home delivery can be done at a cost (around AED 20).

How was the concept received by hospitals, physicians, and health care providers? 
We are receiving a lot of positive reactions. Medics see it as an extra opportunity for educating moms about their own health and their baby's. Also, Marhababy pays a lot of attention to quality and safety (e.g. only bpa-free products) and fully supports the WHO breastfeeding guidelines, something that is well-received.

How was the concept welcomed by sponsors? 
Very well as well. Moms and kids are quite a big segment in the UAE and Middle East. Wherever you go, you see kids, expecting moms. For sponsors it can be quite tough to reach them in an efficient and effective way. Participating in the Marhababy Box has a lot of advantages: our database consists of moms only and our sponsors reach only moms with a sincere interest in the contents, you reach them in their home and at a moment when they have a great need for information. Also, sampling is a great way to boost your sales. Especially in this new life phase are mothers more likely to stick to a product that they like for many years to come. The Marhababy Box is a fun, nice and easily accessible way to bring services and products under mom's attention.

What do expecting and new moms have to say about Marhababy?
They love it! Pre-registrations are open now and every day we receive new orders. It seems like we're addressing a real need.

What does the future look like for Marhababy?
Diversify and Expand. We're working on new products and services now and we plan to expand into other countries in the Middle East.


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