Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Safe (and fun) Halloween to all!

It's that time of the year again and children will start negotiating for the spookiest or coolest costume very soon. If they haven't already! 

So in anticipation to the biggest candy fest of the year, let us remember some basic safety tips so Halloween remains what it is intended to be: FUN & ROTTEN TEETH!

  • Fire resistant: Choose costumes made of flame retardant materials
  • Tripping: Avoid long costumes that hit the ground and cover the feet
  • Falling: Avoid high heels or oversized shoes, not matter how fun they may look
  • Visibility: Always opt for bright colors and since black is a favorite color for Halloween, make sure you add reflective stripes to make sure you and your children are visible at all times regardless of how well lit you think the street may be (use stripes as accessories like bracelets, belts, etc)
  • Masks: Never cover the eyes or the nose as vision is a priority and you do not want to hinder breathing
  • Accessories: All accessories such as swords, knives, or sharp objects should be made of soft foam with no actual sharp edges and should be easy to carry (the kids will already have their candy bag/basket to carry)

  • Chaperon: Always make sure children are accompanied by a responsible adult and let them know they should never leave their group to wander alone
  • Familiarity: Opt for neighborhoods and streets that are familiar to the children and preferably well lit
  • Street crossing: Teach your children to always look both ways before crossing a street and make sure they understand this is the only time they are allowed on the street (while crossing) and at all other times they must  always walk on the sidewalks and never on the road
  • Fire: Make sure your decorations are not dangerous; if you must have lanterns or candles, make sure they are placed in a safe location away from the doorsteps or where children might stand and costumes could catch fire 
  • Strangers: Always remind your children to never go inside a stranger's house or vehicles

  • Poisoning: Instruct your children to only accept commercially wrapped treats
  • Parental control: Make sure you examine the candy before the kids eat them
  • Rotten teeth: Teeth will be the most abused victims of Halloween, so make sure you... BRUSH THEM when you are done with all the candy! ;)


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