Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Mother's Memorable Moments

This year, Mother's Day was truly special:

It was my very first as a mom.
That alone was enough to make it the most memorable one of my life.

But children always have a way with "perfect timing", right?

For instance my mom tells me that when we were babies and we would get sick, she'd stay at home and complete the usual protocol for such cases until there was no improvement and professional help was needed. Apparently, even the fiercest of fevers would completely disappear once the pediatrician was ready to examine us! What better time to be completely healthy than during an *emergency* visit to the doctor's?

Likewise, when I decided to take on a project, just for a couple of weeks, I came back home after a four-hour meeting and proceeded with Mia's "sleep routine". That evening I thought, well that wasn't that bad, we had managed to put her to bed at a fairly decent hour (around midnight). That very night she didn't sleep more than a couple of hours! She was completely restless! We finally got some sleep at around 5am only to wake up at 11:00; with a major headache obviously. My attempts to focus on work were constantly distracted by the incessant banging of my brain against my skull. If there was even a one percent chance such a night would happen again, there was no way I could submit my deliverables on time or up to standard. So I respectfully declined the offer and went back to my most precious full-time job: Mia.

Of course, children don't do such things on purpose but I guess it's probably just the irony of life reminding you you're a parent now :)
Not that I'm complaining, far from it! This blog itself is a testament to Mia and the way she makes us all a little bit more alive just by being here.
Last Saturday Mia attended her first birthday party. The next day, she was a bit cranky and sneezed a few times, but there was nothing really alarming. She sneezes a lot since she was born and there were no (other) signs that could have led us to be concerned. We took her temperature and everything was normal so we assumed she was nagging a little because of her teeth.

Memorable  Milestone  

(throwing a forth "M" to the mix)

That evening, Mia and her papa gave me my Mother's Day gift as hubby was traveling on business the next day. 
 (A beautiful gift; with a little touch of Mia in it which makes it all that much more special. It's not just any Mother's Day; it's my very first and she is the reason why)

Then came the night.

Our very first insomniac flu night.
Another milestone.
One I would have gladly missed.

Two events to celebarte:
Her first flu on my first Mother's Day

Poor baby was exhausted! She kept crying and screaming in pain! It was truly atrocious. She was so tired and wanted to sleep so badly and yet would keep on waking up coughing the snot stuck in her throat and which was completely preventing her from breathing. She finally managed to fall asleep in the early morning.

Monday, my very first Mother's Day, started like any other day with my Mia ritual: play a little with her while she's still in bed, change her diaper, feed her and then play a little bit more.

But that morning, I cut the last part short and woke up hubby because I had literally not closed one eye that night and couldn't stand straight anymore.

I think I fell asleep instantly only to wake up a little before noon! Now that's what a call a celebration! I mean what other mother of a four-month old wakes up at noon? :)

The rest of the day flew by smoothly mostly with saline solution and nasal aspirators... We've had some crying and nagging but nothing really worth mentioning and most importantly, we avoided fever; forget about sleeping until noon! That alone should call for celebrating!

I am so ecstatic to report Mia slept relatively well last night and woke up at 7 this morning with her usual routine. Except this time she didn't play much and got back to napping quite quickly. Poor baby needs her rest after the past exhausting two days...

Watching her now and totally loving it... Take a peek for yourself :)

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