Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Did it again!

First, let me apologize for my disappearance. I know some had been expecting to see some Snayniyeh, because yes, grand-ma did a terrific job with the Beirut version of our little Tooth Fest. I'll leave that for another time though.

It is worthwhile mentioning that by the time Mia got to her 9-month birthday on August 29, she already had four teeth on her lower gum and three on her oh-so-cute top floor! Needless to say it's been hilarious every time she opens her mouth! 

But my absence has nothing to do with Mia's teeth. 

It is the same reason I went off the radar once before. 


We did it again.

I am pregnant.

And considering my cyber-inexistence, I don't think I need to mention I have the same symptoms as my previous pregnancy.

But I've written plenty about this paralytic crap before and I won't go there again. Actually, I'd rather forget all about them!

Right now, the main concern is Mia. 

Last time, I had no responsibility but now I have one and it happens to be very loud when it's being ignored. 

But let's start with the beginning:

One day in Dubai, I must have been hormonal or something, I went to Hubby and told him "Let's have another baby. Look I'm getting bored of bottles and diapers and I may not have the energy to do it again in a few years when I'm finally through with Mia's". 

A discussion followed with hubby not very sure if he should take all this seriously but apparently, I was convincing enough.

The next day, I regretted everything and told hubby Mia was too young and still needed our full attention and so we should not keep trying. 

So we stopped.


Too late...

Well then... Ok. That's how efficient hubby is.

So now, I'm stuck with nausea, vomiting and all sorts of annoyances that literally cripple me when it comes to Mia. I can't smell her shampoo, soap, creams, and of course forget about her diapers. I can't even smell her milk formula or her funny curly hair! 

So grand-ma in turn, is stuck playing mommy for Mamma Mia and Mia too! As if taking care of my pregnancy craziness wasn't enough!

Needless to say Mia has been clinging to her grand-mother like glue as this is the time when a baby her age gets critically attached to her parents. But in her case, daddy is in Dubai most of the times and mommy is not really here so... 

We're trying to manage though and my mom's a real trooper. When it comes to Mia, she's happy to be there any time, all the time, anyway. So things are sort of working out. Sort of. 

I can't really stay long and type too much so that will be it for now :)

But I promise to try and stay connected, as much as possible and keep on updating this space whenever I physically can.

Love to all ;)

Mamma Mia

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