Tuesday, October 25, 2011

E - motion....

So here's the situation:
Mia's running in her cot bed. 
Not walking. 

She's driving me insane, insisting we should help her practice on the floor considering the mattress is not a very stable base for her little steps. And by insisting I mean screaming.

She's been like that for months now.

And she would have walked weeks ago had I followed her lead, that I am sure of.

She's already been attempting steps on the shaky mattress for weeks now with her little arms waving all around. It would be cute if it weren't so darn scary.

Every time she's out of that bed, she pushes, pulls, shakes and kicks so hard and so fast she manages to reach the floor in about two seconds. And once those little toes touch the carpet, they're unstoppable! She starts screaming for us to release her, or at the very least walk with her. 

Well I categorically refuse. 
This is not happening.

Sorry hubby, who's been begging me to make "walking" a daily activity.

But hubby is not with Mia all day. 

He does not grasp the magnitude of the task at hand and its unavoidable consequences!

Let me put it in clear, blunt words so there is no room for confusion:


Already. Right now. Unable to walk by herself. 

A tsunami with a cute smile and shaky toes.

I simply cannot fathom what would happen if she were in fact fully mobile!

I am not kidding myself. She will walk one day. One day very soon considering the amazing progress she's been making on her shaky (Thank God) mattress. 

I am simply trying to delay my back pains. 

Is it a crime? Please hubby, tell me! Is it such a terrible sin? Can you imagine me and my huge belly running after a tornado? Does that make me a bad mommy? 

Well I don't care! I'll be a bad, yet relatively sane, with a somewhat usable back mommy for as long as I can help it!!! 

God knows Number 2 is already in on it to make sure I am unable to stand straight by my 33rd birthday!

So here's the deal pal: 
Mia's staying in her cage! 
I mean in her cot. 
And that's the end of it!

Mamma Mia

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