Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Motor City a du Caractère*

*Motor City has attitude

So I am back in Dubai since last night. It has been bitter-sweet to say the least, considering I have had to leave Mia in Beirut and travel alone. I am glad I get to see hubby and even spend some quality time with him, but let's face it, life with Mia simply rocks. And right now, life sucks. 

Why did I leave Mia if I am such a miserable soul without her? Well, I had no choice. Obviously. 

My residency expired and I must be in the country to apply for a new one (I cannot even renew anymore). And with Number 2 taking up more and more space in my belly, and me enjoying the fact that I am not nauseated and vomiting all the time, i.e. eating like there's no tomorrow, I am getting bigger and bigger. And the bigger I get, the less easy it is for me to hold, feed, bathe or care for Mia. Especially all by myself since my mom cannot join me in Dubai; she has to take care of her son, my dear baby brother, who got badly injured playing basketball. 

And with hubby busy at work, and this house so empty it hardly feels like a home, I have had to get out. Or go insane. It is a simple formula: me + empty home = endless crying. 

So today, I drove to the nearest studio and took a few photos for my residency application form, then walked around Motor City and went back home for a bite.

Again, in the afternoon, I could not possibly stand the silence in that house, so I left once more. This time I planned a longer and more relaxing outing.

I went to Caractère, the ladies beauty salon at Motor City.

A review, you ask?
Sure, why not!

From the outside, looking through the narrowest entrance door ever, the salon seems minuscule! And indeed, when you get in, you step into the tiniest waiting room ever. But then, they open a magic door for you, and just like Alice, you are led into a huge Wonderland, where all the hair, manicure and pedicure fun is happening.  

First of all, and I cannot but start with that, the staff is so friendly and helpful. That alone is reason enough to come back another time.

Secondly, I got to meet the nicest girl there. She took care of my waxing, my manicure and my facial! And she is really good at all three. Her name is Hayat, be sure to ask for her whenever she is available.

We started with what is supposed to be the most painful: waxing. I really rarely feel pain and today was no exception so we were done in about 5 minutes.

Then we moved on to the manicure station, chose a color and proceeded with all the cleaning, cutting, shaping and whatsoever nail related activities during which we had a nice chat. But not too much which was perfect because I really hate it when people force conversations on me.

And finally, off the the grand finish: the facial. There are various kinds available and I chose the moisturizing set which I discovered included eyebrows shaping and upper-lip hair removal. The cleaning and massaging felt really good and I was also left with a mask for 15 minutes.

Damage for the day (as hubby may ask)?

I was billed for 415 Dirhams in total:
  • Wax (under arm): AED 30
  • Wax (half arm): AED 35
  • Manicure: AED 50
  • Facial-Moisturizing: AED 300   

You can find the complete rate card on their website.

All in all, it was a good experience, for fair prices in Dubai. I managed to spend some time outside of the house, all the while being pampered, so I can honestly say Caractère was a win-win for me today. 

I am testing their haircare services this Friday; already booked an appointment for blow-dry in the morning. I hope I will be as pleased as I ended up today. 

If you would like to book an appointment, call +971.4.4572985 or visit the salon at Fox Hill 9, Shop No R01, Uptown Dubai Motor City (right next door to Kidville). 

It is worthwhile mentioning to all the guys out there that Caractère also has a gents' salon (+971.4.4370160) at Uptown Motor City.

Mamma Mia

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  1. Roubaaaaaa... i really understand how u feel,and what u feel... i've been there last year when i sent charbel to lebanon for ten days with my dad so i can have some time to apply for few jobs... i swear i started crying from the moment they stamptemd there passports in the airport until the day he came back... I OFFICIALLY WENT CRAZYYYYYYY WITHOUT MY BABYYYYYY!!!!!!
    i swore since than i will never do it again.... But the "good" thing for u is that u CAN DRIVE ur car and go anywhere u want just to forget that pain.. But me i was stuck at home cos i CAN'T DRIVE... i swear i lost weight that time... anyway i m certain that u'll never do it again... yalla courage!!!!


    I surely hope I NEVER have to do it again! It is insanely painful. It is true, staying in an empty house is the WORST! I completely understand what you felt. But you know, despite the fact I can drive around, I feel like an actual part of my body is missing!! I keep looking around thinking I've forgotten something, all the time! Then I realize, my phone is here, my keys are here, my wallet is here... BUT MY SANITY IS GONE! It stayed in Lebanon with Mia :(

    gros bisous to you & BOULA ❤