Thursday, November 14, 2013

Only You... And Me

A new salon recently opened a few streets away from my home at Dubai Motor City:

Only You, Hair & Beauty Care Salon

So I decided to try it out for you. 
You're welcome ;)

Here are the services I requested:
  1. Eyebrows threading
  2. Half-arm waxing
  3. Underarm waxing
  4. Hair color
  5. Hair cut
  6. Blow dry

Yes, I am in need of some major make-over and even after this, I still look like I just woke up, all day long. Sleep-deprivation is not a friend. Stay away from it for as much as you can and when you have babies, outsource them! Nah, I'm kidding, you can't outsource your children (duh!) but be prepared to look zombie-scary.

Talking about kids, I was so happy when they told me Only You is child-friendly. They welcome moms with their little ones and won't give us grief or stares if baby gets loud. As any baby does after a few moments of staying still in one single location. The staff are also very nice and kind to children.

That is all very nice, but I didn't visit Only You for daycare services, right? 
So, how were their services?

Eyebrows Threading:
I'm very picky about my eyebrows because they are naturally shaped properly so I don't like when someone screws with the shape but they are tricky because I don't have much hair there. Which means, one wrong pluck and it's a disaster. Well the technician listened and delivered. She did not make them thinner, or reshaped them. They are just as I like them. It took only a few minutes and I was done.
Cost: 30 UAE Dirhams

Half-arm Waxing:
I don't like to wax my arms much because well, they're not that hairy to begin with and I have had the worst experiences with waxing. So many times, technicians would, without asking, spread wax all over my arm down to my hand. My hand! It's called "arm" not "hand waxing". If I want to wax my hand, I'll tell you! (I'm not talking about knuckles here, which incidentally I don't wax either, but I know many do; no I am talking about the back of my hand which I know some people do but unless there's hair in there, don't you think you should ask me first?) Also, I have had the misfortune of people literally skinning me while waxing my arms. I kid you not. They just insist on layering wax where there is no hair (on the inside of my arm) and just tearing the skin and some meat on their way. No no, I am not kissing, I have ended up with burns, literally. So you can imagine I am extra cautious when I take the risk of entrusting my arms to someone. Again, that second technician was a sweetheart, she listened and waxed where I wanted her to wax. Thank you very much. As she started spreading the wax I smelled something familiar. It was olives. Turns out they use olive based wax. When she was done, my arms felt amazing! There was absolutely no rash (which usually happens with my sensitive skin) or redness. Not even goose bumps. Absolutely baby-skin-beautiful!
Cost: 40 UAE Dirhams

Underarm Waxing:
Well I've disclose way too much information about my waxing habits (and fears) above so I really don't  need to go over those again. I just need to say, it was prompt, it took only one application of wax on each location (as for the arms) and that is perfect because my skin cannot tolerate more than this. The whole waxing (arms and underarms) was finished in a matter of five minutes. And not a hair was left standing.
Cost: 35 UAE Dirhams

Photo: Only You

Hair Coloring:
Now this is a hot topic. Seriously. I have never been happy with any hairdresser in Dubai. Any. It's not that I'm annoyingly picky, it's just that I go to the salon once in a blue moon and I'd like that once to go well. Usually, it doesn't. I mean it looks great at the salon. But a day later, at home, it's a mess! I have to confess, I had heard of Only You's head stylist, Maro before. She's been around Motor City for over five years, her regulars love her and follow her wherever she goes, and now that she's opened her own salon, she's overbooked with loyal customers who won't allow anyone else to lay a hand on their heads.  I had never visited Maro before but I was quite hopeful. I told her that I wanted to go a little lighter but that I didn't want, under any circumstance, to end up with a reddish or yellowish head. Every time a hairdresser takes me a few tones lighter, after the first shampoo at home, my hair is orange! I hate it! Maro promised it wouldn't. What I can confirm right now is that it isn't. And I'm hoping as the color fades away, it will remain a shade of chestnut. I had the choice between Inoa and Magirel. I was advised to go for the latter because the color would last longer. Overall, I am very, very happy with the result. 
Cost: 350 UAE Dirhams (price varies depending on hair length)

Photo: Only You

Hair Cut:
This is also a tricky one. For the same reasons previously stated. My main concern was that me being the lunatic psycho that I am, I cannot stand hair in my face, it just drives me insane so it needs to stay long enough for me to tie it. However, it is so thick and basically shapeless that keeping it just like that should be a crime punishable by law. Maro was brilliant. She just layered it, taking off some of the thickness from inside, while keeping it approximately the same length. She took out the tips of course because they were too messy and straightened it all. It looks amazing. I can tie it. And when I grab it to do so, it feels like I have half of the hair I used to deal with before. Perfect.
Cost: 100 UAE Dirhams 

Maro did the whole hair from putting the color to cutting and blow-drying. I love it when I am not passed down onto staff. She made sure the hair was done as it should. The blow dry was simple, and fairly quick. It still looks good a few days after which is not only great but a miracle with my hair type and Dubai's humidity.
Cost: 100 UAE Dirhams (price varies depending on hair length)

Sorry for the crappy quality. Phone-photos are always horrendous.
Don't be afraid, it's just my zombie-scary look.
Please be kind, these were taken at 10pm after a long mommying day ;)
(Also, Bathroom-Selfies are the worst!! hahaha)
Photo: R. Abouzeid

So should you go?

The owners and staff are lovely, professional, well-trained. The place is spotless and the ambiance is lovely. Everyone seems to be qualified and services are performed promptly and well. Also, if you're driving your car, you'll find free accessible parking spaces behind the building. The salon opens until 9:30pm (they plan to extend that) and on weekends which is perfect for those who work. Just make sure you take an appointment as there is a high demand for Maro and you don't want to just sit and wait endlessly. Although they will give you very good coffee if you have to wait ;)

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