Saturday, November 26, 2011

Puss in Boots

Mia got her first pair of shoes. Real shoes. Not the soft baby stuff, no Sir! And because autumn is already wintery over here, she opted for boots. Really fancy and girly and all glamorous (Right, ahem). 

Naturally, with her little feet still shaping up to become strong, stable, yet lady-like vehicles, we had to be careful selecting the appropriate pair. Medical is a must.

Babybotte is only a few blocks away on Verdun street and we were planning a visit there although I had checked their new collection in magazines and on the net but nothing felt really right to me. They all look the same in shape, with a more or less boyish style. But I thought, they will do since we're not planning on using just anything. Mia's dresses would have to suffer the consequences.

Until two days  ago when while walking in Hamra, we stumbled upon Garvalín on Makdissi street. The shop caught our eyes with lovely displays and a word on the door got our attention in particular: BIOMECHANICS®

That sounded good. Technological. Reliable. And medical.

So we enquired and were told all shoes were designed based on extensive ergonomic research and the saleswoman even compared the label to Babybotte (which is well-known in Lebanon and can be considered a reference in healthy baby footwear): "Babybotte and Garvalín shoes are both medical, the first being French and us being Spanish".

So we ventured in and started looking around for a nice pair of boots since any lower shoes would not survive Mia's tenacity. She cannot stand to keep them on! With boots going all the way up to her ankles, we would at least ensure the safe return of the pair, in its totality, after each outing. Because right now, the minute we go out, one of the shoes is already off and thrown away somewhere in the wilderness!

And so we did. We found the cutest pair and to our surprise, Mia loved it too! Instead of fighting hard to take them off, she stared in admiration of her new foot accessories. Even while walking, which made the test drive a little more difficult, but we passed with flying colors.

We geared up our little Puss in Boots just in time for Beirut's Marathon!
God Help us all  ;)

Mamma Mia

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