Friday, October 19, 2012

A pool of emotions!

Penned by (Imaginary) Mia, 2 years old in a few weeks.
(You know, the cute little one in Mamma Mia's head)

So we finally had our very first swimming lessons this week. It was interesting to say the least. Challenging to be quite frank. And self-awakening, sort of.

The first lesson was on Monday and I have to admit it was fun. We got to meet our instructor, Ellie, who is like a Seanta (Sea-Santa) with her huge blue bag full of toys! She has fishes, froggies and so many other fun stuff to use in the pool! I liked one of the fishes so much it ended up in my bag. By mistake, I swear. Mama returned it at the following session anyway (damn you, mother!) so hold your horses, no need to call the police, ok? 

My baby brother Jad was hungry by the time he started swimming so he ended up screaming his lungs out and missing all the fun. 

Me on the other hand, I did quite well. I even went under water for the very first time! And did not cry once! Super-Brave-Mia! Right? Wrong! Not right. At all. To put someone under water like that, you people are crazy!

But fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! I was not about to let mama do it again! So at the second class on Wednesday, I came with an attitude. I had to show them who was boss. Me. Step aside and stay away, women!

So I did some screaming, a lot of crying but also a fairly good amount of swimming because, well, I do as I please. 

When the time came to put me under water, I resisted of course but mama is huge, especially since she still has not lost the baby-Jad weight. So there I was, holding my breath and taking it like a champ while this insane person was casually dunking me in spite of my objections. I did not cry though. 

Neither did Jad. He is only 7 months and apparently, diving come instinctively to him, but mama was scared to death when she prepared to dip him like a clueless piece of donut. He did very well though, and he did not cry either. He had not swallowed any water, but he started coughing like he always does nowadays when he is complaining or wants to nag! Yes, he can be a little funny like that. All in all, he had a really good time.

When we came back home, I was fine talking about Ellie, the froggies and the fishes but that was it. The moment mama brought up the stupid under-water-thing, I completely ignored her just like she ignored my objections in the pool! There. That should teach her. 

Of course, it seems I am going to have to do more of that dunking in the future so I am sincerely hoping for my (and mama's) sanity that I get used to it quickly.

Mama thinks it is super important both me and Jad persevere with the swimming classes, even if we do not like all the activities. The very first purpose being for me to acquire the skills to get to the border and lift myself up and out of the pool all alone should I ever find myself in the water, unattended. Who knows, I could slip or in a moment of passion, jump head first! I am a very impulsive, independent free spirit, so better be prepared ;)

In any case, I will keep you posted on the upcoming sessions and if you would like to register too, just get in touch with Ellie and her blue bag: they rock!!

Baby Mia

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