Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Let's ZUMBA everyone!

Since Mia's arrival, my physician had been ordering me to exercise. My health really deteriorates during pregnancies and getting pregnant only 7 months after giving birth didn't really allow me to get in shape properly (not that I was trying, to be completely honest). 

So I entered a new pregnancy with an already overweight and unhealthy body. Not ideal, I know. For me or the baby but thankfully we were both fine and now that Jad is 8 months old I feel I need to really shake things up. 

Following that second pregnancy I developed high cholesterol, triglyceride and liver fat and even had to undergo surgery and have my gallbladder removed. But more recently my back pain (which started with my pregnancy with Mia) has worsened to a worrying extent probably due to the fact that both my children have now reached a considerable weight (thank God, they're both healthy and that implies them getting bigger, no complaints there) and I cannot but lift them numerous times a day. 

So before I head to the doctor's office and an unavoidable MRI, I decided to try working out. Yes. Such a weird novelty, I know. Let's see how it goes ;)

Image Source: Aqua Zumba at Dubai Motor City

I started my very first Aqua Zumba class today. I wanted to exercise in the water as it enhances back improvements and I had been meaning to try Zumba for ages so, why not blend both, right?

As expected, it was not easy getting the routines done properly. I'm guessing, from where the instructor was standing, I probably even looked hilarious. Oh yes, hilarious. Absolutely. But glass half-full, she promised that once we get used to the routine, we'll start getting better and faster. I would like to add that with a little luck I might even look like a fabulous brazilian dancer (hiding in the water, with all the light reflections and shades and stuff, I could pull it off, no? Fine, whatever, moving on).

So we have a group on Facebook now for all Aqua Zumba peeps at Motor City
Neighbors, join us ;)

The instructor's fantastic and it was so much fun kicking it off with the friendliest ladies you could possibly meet at Motor City! I'm also really glad more will be joining the group soon as many have and are still enquiring about the class and are planning to join next week. 

I think this is one regimen I'm going to enjoy, finally!
See you on Tuesday ;)

Mamma Mia

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