Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We're going to meet with our potential gynecologist. Yesterday, a friend of mine also went to see her, and totally loved her! So crossing fingers.

Dr. Najat Hazimeh
BS in Biology
MD American University Of Beirut
Member of the Lebanese Association of Obstetrician and Gynecology
Ob & GYN Expertise:
In Gynecology and Gynecologic surgery
Menopause treatment
Defection and management of STD
Diagnosis of cervical cancer
Child Birth
Clinical Obstetrical and Gynecology ultrasound

The appointment is at 4pm.


A little bit of pampering :-)

As I was unloading my washing machine and heading to put in the second load, I decided that I should do something productive for myself today :-)

So, I went to the bathroom and concocted my usual hair mask (a mix of many masks and oils) and took my time applying it on my hair. Then, I washed my face (duh) and applied an avocado mask which is still on as I type these words :-)

I think I will follow with another face mask (cucumber) before I shower and then, the final touch will be the Phyto Mask maman got me ages ago and that I never used (such a lazy girl)! This comes right before the day cream.

Finally, I got myself some bust and anti-stretch marks creams the other day to enhance the skin's elasticity and prevent stretch marks. I will start using it today.

Yesterday I tried the Night Hand Cream and DNAghe Anti-Age Hand Cream by Nivea and both felt really nice. My hands are in bad shape these days because I've been dishwashing without gloves. The skin is so weak and dry now that I get cuts just by opening and closing my hands!

I'm also trying to remember to use body oil for my elbows and knees mostly, but I have to be honest, I probably do it once a week, if I'm lucky! I know, I know... I'm thirty. Skincare-wise, I should have started these things like 5 (or more) years ago but I'm so lazy with this stuff (hate them!!)

But I just don't want my baby to cry every time I caress his/her face just because mommy has coarse hands! :-P

Lately, I try to associate every resolution I take with my future kids' interests as it seems when it's about me only, I couldn't care less but I do feel guilty harming my babies :-P :-)


First and foremost, I LOVED THE DOCTOR! :-)

So for those of you interested:

  • Dr. Najat Al Hazimeh
    Obstetrics & Gynecology

    Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group
    Dubai Healthcare City
    PO BOX 505005, Dubai
    United Arab Emirates
    E Najat@DrSulaimanAlHabib.com
    T +971 4 4297777

Dr. Najat is a real sweetheart; she takes her time, listens, and seems really confident.

Unfortunately, the outcomes of the appointment were not as positive as expected. We did the very first ultrasound and neither the doctor nor the technician could see clearly because apparently, something was blocking the view. What this something is, I don't know for sure. It could be some residues from my curettage.

In any case, we did the blood test to count the weeks and it seems that my hormones are growing properly since I'm now over 2,000. Don't have the exact figure with me at the moment.

Next week, I am scheduled for another ultrasound, and hopefully we'll be able to see everything as the sac should have grown enough to be visible...

Praying and hoping for the best...


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