Friday, March 6, 2009

My cravings....

... The movies!

Or so Hadhoud claims! That may be because since we've learned I was pregnant, we've been to three movies so far ;-) and all upon my request :-)

We started with the excellent Slumdog Millionaire...

Followed by the mediocre (if not completely sucking) Pink Panther 2 (that was Hadhoud's choice by the way :-P just thought I'd mention that considering my opinion of this so-called comedy that did not make me even smile once :-P)...

... And yesterday Robert De Niro's very forgettable What Just Happened (which is what we asked ourselves at the end of the movie). No, it wasn't that bad to me; I appreciated many elements of the film. Love movies about the movie-making industry and loved many parts of the script; it really made me laugh and it's very smart in many instances. But I think I won't be able to remember it in a week or so... It's not one of those WAOW experiences... But gotta love Robert De Niro... He was really really good, as usual.

Tonight we're probably heading to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and I have great expectations :-) Hope they will be met :-)

So yes, it seems Hadhoud is right... I am craving for movies!! :-)

It's much better than craving for chocolate, especially in my situation... except that I am craving for both at the moment! Trying hard to keep the cocoa under control, and I won't lie, I did cheat and eat a few pieces of dark chocolate every day, including about an hour ago... What can I do? Since I started this diet back in September, I've been able to stay in control all the time. I haven't even longed for a piece of chocolate. But for three days now, it's like my blood is going to explode right out of my veins and I need my fix!!!!

(Oxygen is always good.)


Back from Ibn Battuta... Been to the movies. But Benjamin and us had conflicting schedules. So we met with Marley instead... Mmmmh...

OK, so the truth is, Benjamin Button's screening times are a bit off because the movie is too long so we couldn't make it on time for the 8pm session. We decided to go for The International at 9:15pm... First of, the traffic was unbelievable (blame it on the Cirque du Soleil performing at Ibn Battuta's Grand Chapiteau) and we couldn't find a parking space before 9:02pm (I'm being very precise because I was checking the time every two minutes!) So we reached the ticket booth at 9:10 or something... Obviously, the only remaining seats sucked (way on the front rows which meant that we would have to invest in heavy physiotherapy afterwards). So we decided to choose another movie... Marley and Me was scheduled for 9:20 so we went for it. Good seats too. Bad movie. Well not horrible, but really not interesting at all (as expected) and very very forgettable. If I had said that What Just Happened was forgettable, I sincerely apologize. To Robert De Niro. To everyone involved in the making of What Just Happened . Hell, to all the movie-making industry... It is indeed Oscar-worthy next to Marley and Me...

Enfin bon...
Still got plenty of movies on that list...
And many many many more days of craving :-)

Good nite! ;-)

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