Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Des jours comme ci, des jours comme ça...

Un jour oui, un jour non...

Ce matin, c'était non... :-(

J'ai quand même assez bien dormi... Mais je me suis réveillée en toussant vers 6 heures du matin, et la toux ne s'est pas arrêtée avant 6:45... Je me suis levée avec difficulté pour aller me faire une petite dose de Betadin Mouth Wash et Rhinomer mais cette fois, ca n'a pas tellement marché... J'étais tellement crevée que je suis retournée me coucher vers 7h, mais en restant assise... Bien sur j'ai pas fermé l'œil, et je me suis finalement levée complètement...

Bon la journée s'annonce longue...
On verra bien...


It looks like I'm gaining weight!! :-O

I just can't believe it! After what happened with my first pregnancy and the shocking amount of weight I piled up in just 2 months, and not any 2 months, the first two months(!), I am really starting to worry :-(

Less than two weeks ago, I had my last check-up at the doctor's and I was 67 kilos which is amazing considering how I looked before my diet.

Yesterday, I weighed myself and found I was 68 kilos!

This morning, I am 68.8 kilos!!

Give me a couple of days and I'm back to 70 again!!!!! My God!!!

There is something horribly wrong going on here! I have stopped taking Glucophage which means that now, I have to regulate, very carefully, my sugar levels in the blood manually so to speak and right now, it's not looking promising! Gaining weight is the first (and probably only obvious) red flag when it comes to glucose and insulin imbalance.

I just phoned my endocrinologist to let her know. She should call me tonight. I pray it's just water retention because otherwise, the troubles are starting really early on... Haven't completed my first month yet! :-(


Alors là, j'ai pas pu résister!! :-D
♪♫ Regardez ce que ma maman a fait chez elle!! ♫♪

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