Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hormonal Paranoia....

... Or just good old regular paranoia?

I just came back from my appointment with the endocrinologist to check on my unusual weight gain. Hadhoud had told me that it was all in my head and he promised he'd make fun of me for a few months minimum if his suspicions were confirmed.

But I'm not stupid, no sir! I made sure I checked my weight before leaving, just in case; and indeed, those extra kilos showed their ugly faces again!

At least I was safe from Hadhoud's teasing. Or so I thought. Turns out, on the doctor's machine I was 67.7 kg this morning (while at my last appointment 10 days ago, I was 67.3 kg)....

OK... Hadhoud has officially started the teasing and it doesn't sound like it's ending any time soon.

Will keep you posted in case of any new development ... Like Hadhoud's trip to the ER after I beat him senseless... What? I'm freaking hormonal people! I'm allowed my crazy moments! ;-)


So it looks like my date with Benjamin Button is never gonna happen (this week at least)...

Had lunch with some friends today: my parents' friend who came to visit her son in Dubai. It was fun. We went to Scoozi in Jumeirah Beach Residence, then had coffee on their balcony, looking at the amazing view from their flat on The Palm.

Got back home. Rested. And now probably going out for coffee or something. May try to force Hadhoud into some Chess (or other game) and beat the crap out of him! Yes, still hormonal! :-P


So we had coffee at Caribou in Times Square. I like it because there's always a Chess board available. Only this time, not all the pieces were available. Not to worry, I quickly checked the other board and merged both to complete a set (in all cases, I have an emergency board + pieces in the car :-P) so we decided to play... Well not really. Both of us were daydreaming, no concentration whatsoever, so we decided to drop it. We just had coffee and relaxed in one of the usually empty malls (today there was quite a crowd there but of course, nothing compared to the huge malls).

Then we walked around, window shopping; asked for some details about appliances and stuff we're thinking about getting for our new apartment when we move and then, all of a sudden, we realized it was 10pm! So we drove home and here we are.

Nothing special to add, really.

Tomorrow, we're still off but we don't have plans yet. We'll see how it goes...

Good nite ;-)

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