Monday, March 2, 2009

Une nuit secouée ...

... Mais pas à cause de ma grossesse soyons clairs...

Ah lala, la grippe, la grippe!

So the weather is changing in Dubai… And the dust is rising all around us… It’s been quite difficult breathing lately and the nights have been the worst.

Lat night, I couldn’t sleep before 3am and then, I woke up chocking at 5:30am… I had to sit up and cough for a good 15 minutes before I decided to go to the bathroom and clean my nose with some water and sodium spray. Which helped a little while delayed my sleep some more as I ended up sneezing and blowing an entire box of Kleenex! But since my throat was completely dried up and in pain, I finally decided to go to the kitchen and make myself some ginger tea with lemon… It helped a little but the coughing didn’t stop and the throat pains didn’t get much better… Finally, I managed to fall asleep again, don’t ask me what time, I can’t remember!

I woke up at 8:45 chocking again!! This time I ran immediately to the kitchen to make myself some tea and as I was blowing some more Kleenexes, I noticed I was heavily bleeding!! Yes, my nose had had enough of all the sneezing and blowing apparently… So now itchy throat, no speaking voice, coughing… and nose bleeds! What a wonderful morning!!

At least, I can still rejoice at the fact that no morning sickness has showed up yet.

So today, hid at home.

The weather was awful and I didn’t dare go out at all. Figured I’d better stay at home and rest… which I did. I managed to occupy myself a little. Had some paperwork to finish for the insurance company. Lots of filling out, scanning and emailing… Plus followed up with the clinics to find out the remaining results of my previous tests (a Pap Smear I did on the 21st and the pregnancy weeks count).

So basically, I think everything is fine :-)

And it seems I am in Week 4 (whatever that means because really I’m getting so confused between the French counting system and the American one) :-P

Anyway, had already told me that I was in week 4 after they took the date of my last period… So no big surprise here! :-)

My "week" situation on March 1st 2009

Of course, with this awful flu, I wasn't very hungry today but I had three small pieces of melon in the morning; then a few pistachios (don't ask) and finally I ate a little bit of labneh at about 3pm... Well, it seems I am hungry now :-)

So I will go and fix this situation now :-)


OK, I'm back!... Took care of that "hunger" thing with a quick phone call to Subway :-) No, no, did not cheat on my diet! I took the content of the sandwich and nicely placed it in my bread :-)

And then, more fun was suggested by Loume who proposed we watch Madagascar 2, which we did. It was cute and fun and now I can go to bed with a smile on my face. Nice!


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